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For any discerning gardener, choosing the right greenhouse is an important decision. Alton cedar greenhouses provide a naturally attractive and proven superior growing environment for your plants and vegetables. Made to exacting specifications, our timber greenhouses require minimal maintenance and are guaranteed for 10 years. Concrete base kerbs extend greenhouse life and anchor greenhouse in strong winds. Many customers still successfully grow in their Alton 40 years after purchasing.

Alton Evolution Greenhouses

Since 1921 Alton greenhouses have been famous amongst gardeners as the leading Cedar greenhouse on the market. Well known for the best quality Canadian red Cedar which gives the Alton greenhouses a long life, and a strong and stable frame.

The iconic sloping sided Amateur greenhouse has led the market for decades and at the time of its introduction in the 50s it was at the cutting edge of greenhouse design. Now, the Alton design team have been pooling their vast knowledge and experience, along with years of feedback from our customers in order to create a Cedar greenhouse fit for the 21st Century. We're calling it the Alton Evolution range...


Designed and Manufactured in the UK

Your Alton Evolution model is crafted in our own workshop in Staffordshire. Every piece of Cedar is machined in-house in our fully equipped workshop. Some of these machines have been reliably making Alton greenhouses for over 40 years. Other, more modern additions use CNC technology to give highly accurate results. Advances in machining and joinery technology have enabled for the first time a flat- packed greenhouse which actually takes no longer to assemble than the old system of awkward to handle fully glazed panels.


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